You Don't Know The Secrets Of The Linen Company's Workshop Equipment For Bedding Sets

- Dec 12, 2018-

Many hotels are hoping to go to the factory production workshop for on-the-spot investigations when they purchase large quantities of hotel linens. After seeing the production process and finished product quality, they will further cooperate with the linen manufacturers.

However, even after the purchaser has visited the production workshop on site, do you really know some machines?

Jiangsu Hongjinding Weaving Co., Ltd. has a complete linen industry chain, self-produced direct sales, own towel processing factory, weaving branch, finished product workshop, etc., with 60 towel weaving machines, 40 jacquard weaving machines, and air jet loom 30. 60 sets of high-speed sewing machines, 4 sets of quilting cars, 1 set of down and cashmere machines, 1 set of pillow core punching machines, and 4 sets of cloth inspection machines.

1.Towel loom

Hotel towel products are the most exhaustive wear and tear in hotel textiles, so hotel buyers often need to find towel manufacturers to buy towels, while good quality towels are more wear-resistant and washable, and their life cycle will be longer than ordinary towels.

The difference between a towel loom and a conventional loom is that it adds a hair mechanism, a warp yarn delivery mechanism, and a fixed length mechanism that determines the length of the towel.

Hotel towel fabrics have high requirements for color, and the towel looms used by the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Towels Branch not only meet these complex flower requirements, but also weave high-grade terry fabrics (high weft density, super high terry, ultra low and super High terry coexisted).

bed sheet

(The picture above shows the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd towel weaving real shot)


2. Weaving loom

Looms that have traditionally been woven using yarns can be divided into two major categories, woven and knitted. The weaving machine includes the original shuttle looms and the new shuttle less looms. The shuttle less looms mainly include rapier looms and air jet looms. Knitting machines are divided into two major categories, warp knitting and weft knitting, and there are many small classifications underneath.

l Rapier loom

The rapier loom uses a rigid or flexible rapier head to bring the grip and guide the weft. In addition to being suitable for weaving plain and textured fabrics, rapier looms are characterized by easy color change and suitable for color weft fabrics, suitable for the production of yarn-dyed, double-layered velvet fabrics, terry fabrics and decorative fabrics.

2 Air jet loom

The air jet loom draws the weft yarn with the injected compressed air stream and carries the weft yarn through the shed. The most important feature of air jet loom is its high speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for the production of plain and textured fabrics, fine high-density fabrics and large-volume fabrics.

3. Jacquard loom

The jacquard machine puts the pattern on the flower tube, and each weave is turned over a pattern plate, and the flower tube is pressed against the horizontal needle once. The movement of each warp yarn is determined according to the hole or no space on the pattern. The hole on the pattern is rolled according to the design requirements of the pattern and the structure. Therefore, the movement of the warp yarn also conforms to the pattern and product requirements. .

bed cover

(The picture above shows the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd jacquard fabric gray cloth weaving real shot)

4. Inspection machine

The cloth inspection machine is actually providing the hardware environment for inspection in the workshop. The fabric is continuously segmented to provide sufficient light source. The operator observes the eyesight and finds the defects and color difference. The cloth inspection machine automatically completes the length and package finishing work.

The price of a fabric inspection machine is between 20,000 and 50,000 yuan. Don't look at the low cost. This is one of the most important secrets in the workshop! Every cloth inspection machine in the workshop needs a special staff to operate. The fabric must be inspected strictly according to the product inspection specifications, such as holes, unwashable yellow spots, hook yarns, horizontal bars, etc.

Generally, small and medium-sized linen manufacturers will not purchase the fabric inspection machine, which will cost machine and labor costs. More importantly, if the cloth is found, it is necessary to eliminate the secondary cloth. This is also a huge expense. Only large-scale hotel linen manufacturers responsible for customers will strictly monitor every aspect of hotel linen production!

pillow cover

(The picture above shows the real shot of the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd shop inspection machine)

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is a well-known brand of domestic hotel linen. The staff of each department are conscientious and meticulous in their work. There is no loophole in every link. We supply high-quality hotel linen to customers, and it is necessary to become a world-class hotel cloth. Grass manufacturer's good reputation!

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd focuses on development, integrity management, and constantly strives for perfection, and strives to provide customers with the highest quality products, the most reasonable price and the most complete service. We use your ingenuity to build your needs and use your heart to change your trust!

Company Name: Canwin Weaving Co., Ltd.( Jiangsu Hong Jinding as Chinese phonetic name)


Address: Canwin Textile Garden, 6 Qi Si Xian,Tongzhou Qu, Nanton( Jiangsu,China) Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China


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