Where Is The Hotel Quilt Wholesale/ Hotel Bedding Wholesale/hotel Bedding Factory?

- Nov 17, 2018-

Hotel linen is a general term for the hotel industry, according to different categories: hotel room linen, hotel bathroom linen, hotel catering linen, hotel decoration linen. Here, the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd Hotel linen supplier will give you some general introduction according to the main hotel linens. Hotel room linen: bed sheets, quilt pillowcases, core pillows, protective pads, comfort mats, etc.; : square towel, face towel, floor towel, bath towel, bathrobe bathrobe...

Hotel linen is a great place for the entire hotel to spend? Because these hotel textile products can not avoid the wear and tear caused by washing, need to be updated, in addition to keep up with the changes in the industry, the quality of the product will be upgraded, etc., which need to be replaced by money.

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Hotel hotel quilt cover is a common thing, is there a hotel linen supplier given the wholesale price of the hotel quilt cover is acceptable, the product quality is reliable? Yes, no problem, Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd tells you what kind of reasonable price the hotel linen quality is equipped with. The annual sales volume of the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd Hotel is tens of millions. This is enough to prove that this is the recognition of the quality of the cloth. Then, in what way does he measure the different types of hotel linen?

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Hotel quilt cover, the price is measured by size, fabric, craft. The size of the quilt cover purchased in Hongjinding is generally 1.2, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 (bed size), which can be customized according to different size requirements of customers; fabrics are mainly made of cotton, and high quality is selected. The Xinjiang long-staple cotton is used as the material for the cloth weaving. The plain weave, twill weave, satin and jacquard are all weaving processes. These are inseparable from the interweaving of related weaving equipment, and the conventional width of each bundle of fabric weaved. Up to 3.05 meters, so no matter what size can be customized.

As a domestic first-class hotel linen manufacturer, but this did not make the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd arrogant and arrogant, on the contrary, these honors and word of mouth gradually become a force of supervision, let it be more refined.


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