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- Dec 10, 2018-

Nowadays, the hotel textile industry's own development, the supply of raw materials is more diverse, and at the same time, with the advancement of technology, the variety of fibers frequently appear, greatly enriching the choice of hotel linen. The unique advantage of “Xinjiang Cotton” CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is to supply the raw materials of hotel linen in the 10,000-mu cotton field base in Xinjiang.

"There is no such thing as a clever woman." In the same way, it is not enough to have high-quality cotton yarn, and a good linen loom is the key. The fabric weaving factory of CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has air jet looms - air jet fabric, rapier looms - rapier fabrics, jacquard weaving machines - jacquard fabrics, satin weaving machines - satin fabrics, and everyone may think of these loom The fabric is too straightforward, so let's take a closer look:

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd recommends that purchasers choose products with high cost performance according to their own hotel conditions. The raw material of the cotton yarn is first determined, followed by the choice of the weaving process. Different weaving processes will produce different fabric feels. This will directly affect the hotel's intuitive experience for travelers.

According to different weaving processes, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd usually divides commonly used fabrics into three categories: plain fabric, satin fabric and satin fabric.

Plain weave: more interweaving points, firm texture, smooth and smooth surface, the same effect on the front and back. The density of plain weave fabric is not too high, it is light and thin, and the air permeability is better. The number of branches is about 30, the density is slightly lower, and the fabric is more prone to yarn jumping and the like, and the price is relatively low. However, there are also a few plain fabrics such as 40, which are also high-density fabrics. High-grade embroidery fabrics are generally plain fabrics.

Satin fabric: There are front and back sides, the least interlacing point in a complete tissue cycle, the longest floating line, the fabric surface is almost entirely composed of warp or weft floating lines, and the satin fabric is soft. The fabric is smooth and delicate and shiny.

Satin fabric: It is a kind of fabric with complicated weaving process. The warp yarn floats on the surface of the fabric. Therefore, combed yarn is generally used. There are 60 thin and light, and 30 thick and slightly thick. In addition, there is elastic satin, which is of higher grade. Because of its luster and softness, it is the most unique product in pure cotton fabric.

From the perspective of the most widely used cotton products, the fabric yarns commonly used in domestic hotels are covered by 40s40s, 60s40s, 60s60s, 60s80s and 80s80s. The higher the count, the finer the yarn and the higher the quality requirements for the cotton yarn itself. Therefore, some people generally think that high-density and high-density cotton fabrics are better, but there is also a misunderstanding here. Not the same yarn count represents the same quality, but also depends on the weaving process of cotton yarn and the ratio of cotton yarn. Different weaving processes and cotton yarn quality are significant factors in the price gap between bedding products.

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd always adheres to the principle of “three bests”: 1. Provide the best quality hotel linen products; 2. Provide the most cost-effective product production process plan; 3. Provide the quickest and most intimate service.

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Lead: Breaking into a butterfly, illusion of beauty, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel linen with cotton yarn as the prototype, after different specifications of the loom into a comfortable hotel bedding.


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