Type Of Bath Towel

- Aug 14, 2018-

Plush bath towels, cotton towels are formed with an extra yarn to form a coil, and the coils are brought together to form a pile surface.

Velvet bath towel, similar to a plush bath towel, except that one side of the bath towel is trimmed and the coil is shortened.

Some people like the velvet effect. When using it, put the non-velvet side close to the skin to wash it faster.

Bamboo fiber bath towel is a new type of home textile product that combines health and environmental protection and beauty with bamboo fiber as raw material through careful design and multi-process processing. The organization has confirmed that bamboo fiber not only has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, and body odor, but also effectively blocks ultraviolet radiation to the human body.

Printed bath towels, color prints on plush or velvet bath towels.

Jacquard bath towel, on the jacquard weaving machine, to make the fabric surface decorative effect.

Embroidered bath towels, some bath towel manufacturers make up the bathroom, embroider on the bath towel and so on.