Towel Selection Method

- Aug 14, 2018-

When purchasing, we must make judgments on the feel, color, water absorption, slip resistance, and workmanship.

1, feel better

Most of the floor towels are made of cotton and chemical fiber. Looking at the quality of the floor towel, the hand feel is very important, and the hand towel is good. Eighty percent is a good towel. The towel for cotton products is soft to the touch, although it is thick, but it is very soft.

2, flexibility is better

Elasticity is an important indicator of the towel. We can see the material of the towel from the elasticity. For a good towel, it has better shrinkage and its elasticity is like a rubber band. No matter how you pull it, it Always not deformed.

3, the color is better

The towel is not only a textile that is paved, but also an ornament. There are various hobbies for color. When you buy, you must carefully look at the dyeing of the towel. Since the towel is immersed in water for a long time, if the dyeing is not enough, it will fade. Generally, there is no problem in dyeing natural. After all, the technology of the 21st century is used now. For those who are not good merchants, we have to worry.

4, water absorption

We are very clear about the usefulness of the towel. When you step out of the bathtub, you can dry your feet by stepping on the top. Water absorption is a very important indicator of the towel. The most convenient way to detect its water absorption is the water absorption speed during the detection period. As long as the water absorption is fast, there is generally no problem.

5, slip resistance

Some people think that the water-repellent towel has a high anti-slip index. On the surface, this view is correct, but they are eager for a very important content, that is, the material. The surface of the floor towel should not be too smooth, and there must be enough contact area with the ground so that the anti-slip property is good to ensure your life safety.