The Length And Width Of The Sheets Are Determined By The Size Of The Bed

- Aug 14, 2018-

The fabric is characterized by a wide range of width, color and flower shape, and there are two types of pure cotton and blended materials depending on the materials used. The cotton sheets are breathable and hygroscopic, comfortable and soft to the touch, and thick and wearable. The warp and weft yarns are all single-yarn yarn-dyed sheets, which are all full-line sheets of strands. The yarns are interlaced with strands as warp yarns and single yarns for weft yarns. Blended sheets are available in cotton/wei, cotton/polyester and cotton/hemp. They are easy to wash, quick-drying, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant.

The length and width of the sheets are determined by the size of the bed and are distinguished by Chinese and Western styles.

Chinese bed sheets are generally 210 to 228 cm in length and 100 to 200 cm in width. Fabrics are usually heavy, variable, or joint, with a thick texture.

Western-style sheets generally have a length of about 108 inches and a width of 72, 80, 90 inches, and the like. Generally, plain or twill weave is used, and the texture of the fabric is thin, and most of the patterns are scattered throughout the ground. Some products are brushed, have a good feel and warmth.

The color of the sheets is all white, plain, striped, printed, jacquard, brushed and so on.

The white sheets are white in appearance, generally woven with natural cotton yarn, and then bleached and white finished.

Plain sheets are dyed from white blanks. The slat sheets are woven with colored yarn (line). The same shades of different shades of plain color, different shades of colored strips, satin stripes and other weaves are called satin satin.

The patterns of printed sheets include side flowers, medium flowers, long strips, diagonal flowers, scattered flowers, and four-corner flowers (commonly known as four dishes and one soup).

The pattern of the jacquard sheets is woven with a dobby or jacquard according to the design requirements. After being mercerized, the sheets have the advantages of good gloss, small shrinkage and rich color.