The Comfort Of The Hotel Quilt,duvet Can Be Felt Through The Screen

- Nov 21, 2018-

The times are developing, and the living conditions of thousands of families are running a "well-off". People pay more attention to the quality of life, and health has become the most concerned topic. Hotel textile products are in direct contact with the human body, and safety, environmental protection and comfort are prerequisites for entering the market. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Hotel textile products are based on the premise of health, comfort and environmental protection. Nowadays, several hotel quilts with main sales and high sales are launched: duvet, seven-hole quilt and silk quilt.


With the development of science and technology, the technical content of the hotel quilt has rapidly increased. The traditional cover and warmth function has been developed into functions such as health care enjoyment, helper benefit, moisture absorption and ventilation. The continuous emergence of new products and the gradual increase of technological content can highlight the high demand of modern people. Original cotton as a traditional warm material, because the fineness of the cotton fiber is fine and natural, and the cross section has a middle cavity, so the warmth is better. It has always been loved by people, but as people use it for a long time, cotton will no longer fluff and become knotted, which will greatly reduce its warmth.

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Therefore, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd will explain in detail several commonly used hotel quilts:


【Down duvet】  

The duvet has high warmth, strong elasticity, high bulkiness, and is light, soft and soft. The same size of the quilt, the duvet is the lightest weight, about 1/3 of the quilt, the 1/2 duvet of the wool quilt is breathable and dry, with strong moisture wick, no knotting, and moisture absorption and divergence not available in other hotel quilts. The good performance is called "the quilt that will breathe." The duvet is durable, the normal life of the quilt is 5 years, and the duvet can be used for 18 years. The popularity rate in foreign countries is high-----down mattresses are popular in Europe and America. In Germany, the penetration rate of down bedding is 80%, 70% in Japan, 40% in the US, and almost all downscale hotels use duvets. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd generally recommends duvets as a hotel bedding configuration for star hotels.

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【seven holes cotton quilts】

The filling of the seven-hole quilt is microfiber. Because it is hollow, it is more breathable and does not get wet like cotton for a long time. Because the seven-hole cotton is hollow, it is re-expanded by tapping. The cotton quilt, because the heat generated by the human body is absorbed by the cotton, accumulates, and eventually the cotton is damp and cold. The chemical fiber does not absorb water, and the moisture will be discharged at any time with the air in the fiber, so the quilt can be kept dry, and it is not necessary to take it out to the sun. This ensures that the quilt will not be moldy, nor will it produce mites, which is healthier and healthier. The seven holes are also machine washable, and after washing, they will dry quickly, and these are hopeless for cotton.

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CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd will change the integrity with sincerity, and will continue to introduce new environmentally friendly fibers for your customers in the future!

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