The Advantages Of Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd In The Hotel Bedding Market

- Dec 11, 2018-

In daily life, bedding has become an inseparable partner. For hotels, most of the time they are in the hotel bedding market in various places, only to find a hotel bedding manufacturer with suitable price and quality. When buying hotel bedding, everyone has a common habit of seeing the details of the ingredients marked on the core sheets of the quilt cover, "whether the label is 100% cotton."

The development of the tourism hotel industry has made the hotel bedding wholesale market flourish, and each product has its own characteristics. For the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel bedding manufacturers, their advantage lies in the production of self-produced cotton bedding, yes, is the manufacturer of pure cotton material hotel linen. Because nowadays, more than 70% of the cotton is mistakenly thought to be pure cotton. In fact, only 100% cotton can be called "cotton" or "cotton".

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To understand the real 100% cotton, let's take a look at the explanations of the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel bedding manufacturers:

Pure cotton has to be shiny, ordinary cotton fabric has no luster, or the gloss is softer. However, if the cotton is made of long-staple cotton, combed cotton, high-density and high-density fabric, the surface will be shiny, and the fabric is softer, but the premise must be determined to be pure cotton fabric.

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The pure cotton grain looks high-grade, and the cotton has three structures: plain, twill and satin. From the top of the fabric grade, satin is the only one of the three. Because the plain weave is durable, but the fabric is hard and the pattern is monotonous; the twill is soft and the gloss is good, but the fabric is not wearable; the satin is more expensive than the twill, but the floating line is easy to wear, fluff or the fiber is hooked out. Pay attention to daily maintenance. In the Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd satin pattern is relatively popular new style, in short, it depends on the needs of customers, to prevent strong buy and sell.

Cotton raw materials should pay attention to, long-staple cotton is relatively fine cotton, refers to cotton with a fiber length greater than 33mm. Long-staple cotton has a long growth cycle and requires a large amount of heat. The growth period of long-staple cotton is 10-15 days longer than that of upland cotton. The long-staple cotton has many turning and quick heat; the fabric fits the body and the yarn density is high.


Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd takes "Xinjiang long-staple cotton" as an example. Xinjiang long-staple cotton has excellent quality, and all quality indicators exceed national standards. Its fiber is long, white and shiny, and has good elasticity. Because the hotel linen in the factory area has been sold all over the country all year round, and in order to meet the standards of bedding in star-rated hotels, “good linen is planted”, the long-staple cotton used is self-cultivated and planted, the purpose is only to let The skin-friendly comfort of long-staple cotton is brought to everyone.


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