Strong Hotel Linen Bedding Set Brand, The Core Competitiveness In The Bedding Textile Industry

- Nov 22, 2018-

Chinese “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit forum, the convening of the China Internet Conference and the entry of the International Capital Group have promoted the large-scale investment and reconstruction of the Chinese hotel industry in recent years. Together with the presence of the International Hotel Management Group, it has caused a new round of growth and incentive competition for the Chinese hotel industry. The development of the hotel industry has stimulated the development and competition of the hotel linen, and also promoted the hotel linen from the previous small and chaotic competitive foot to a new level.

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First, the new trend of hotel industry competition

The new hotel investment momentum has not diminished, and the emergence of high-star hotels has become a hot spot for development and the rapid rise of budget hotels. Budget hotels are showing a trend of scale, networking and branding. In the first quarter of 2016, a total of 11,037 were audited by provincial tourism authorities, including 87 one-star, 2,342 two-star, 5,354 three-star, 2,438 four-star, and 816 five-star. (Data from National Tourism Administration)

This heralds a more intense competition in the high-end hotel market. In order to cope with competition, grouping and standardization have become the trend of current hotel development. Grouping means standardization and internationalization of management. It means the scale, standardization and standardization of procurement. This puts higher demands on the domestic hotel linen industry, which will promote the reshuffling of domestic hotel linens and push the competition to a new level. On the other hand, as the market competition continues to be fierce, the positioning and theme of the hotel itself is further subdivided. For example, some budget hotels that appeal to young people combine elements of modern art in their designs. Hotel linen has unique advantages in creating atmosphere, optimizing the environment, providing humanized service and personalized service, so it has become an important part of the hotel to enhance competitiveness. For example, foreign-funded hotels have changed the bedding according to consumer surveys, triggering a wave of “bed revolutions”. Major brand hotels have replaced high-quality bedding and bed sets, such as Junyue’s “quality of change bed” and Marriott’s “heavy” Picking up the vitality, Hilton's "comfortable sleep" and so on.

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Second, the new trend of hotel linen competition

Yang Donghui, vice president of China Textile Industry Association and president of China Household Textile Industry Association, pointed out in the report on the development trend of hotel textiles that hotel textiles are closely related to the comfort and health of guests, and its future development trend is to achieve “five "," is the matching, fashion, personalized, humane, functional.

The so-called matching, that is, the matching of linen and hotel furniture, decoration style and other soft decoration. For the linen companies, it means that in the past, it was just the production of the products according to the requirements of the hotel. Now it is necessary to design the bedding according to the style of the room. For example, the presidential suites of many five-star hotels should be equipped with several different styles at the same time. For bedding, this is not just a product, but a hotel room solution that meets the needs of different guests.

The so-called fashion individuality, that is, the future hotel rooms will be in the fierce competition, out of the same style of plain color, and fashion, more in line with the theme hotel, resort, humanistic feelings. At present, some five-star hotels have begun to gradually adopt some stylized design of bedding products, and the hotel is a prelude to fashion and personalized competition.

The so-called humanization, that is, taking into account the needs of hotel guests and the needs of the hotel room department, the design of the linen, such as the hotel is easier to load and unload, easier to wash, for the health of the guests.

The so-called functionalization, similar to textile functional health care, green health products: sleep aid pillows, antibacterial anti-mite mattresses.

In the hotel linen research and development design, the CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd company keeps up with the trend of the times, fits the hotel design style, and configures the most suitable comfortable bedding products, with small lines and fresh printing style, nude cotton natural style and so on. Come to the supporting services for all major star hotels across the country. It brings the most comfortable, healthy and unique sleep experience for business people and leisure travelers.

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