Star Hotel Linen Bedding Set,hotel Towel , Bathrobe Wholesale Tips

- Dec 20, 2018-

Traveling, traveling, and vacationing will go through large and small hotels. Whether it is a splendid star hotel, a warm and elegant theme hotel or a simple and ordinary hotel, the layout can be without a gorgeous lobby, no comfortable lounge area, never There is no room area. The comfortable hotel room linen and bathroom linen in the hotel room area is the best comfort for the tired body. Obviously the hotel linen is the core of the hotel. How do those star hotels buy hotel linens?CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd and you discuss the doorway of the star hotel linen wholesale!


1, hotel linen procurement should be based on the needs of their own hotel and the proportion of the ratio, do not blindly purchase. The purchase of more hoarding in the cloth between the time will be yellow, the purchase is less than the special circumstances can not be replaced in time, the general CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is recommended in accordance with the "one in use, one set, one set in the cleaning" 1:3 The proportion of the purchase to purchase, so as a hotel procurement staff, the purchase of hotel linen is very important.


2, the fabric of the hotel linen is very important. The quality of the fabric depends on the density. Whether it is pure cotton or polyester/cotton, the higher the density, the better the quality of the fabric. We can judge the quality by the yarn weaving density. For example, the yarn weaving density of the hotel's bedding will be mainly 40S and 60S. The higher the hotel star rating, the higher the requirements for bedding. Obviously the density of the latter is better than the former.


3, the color fastness of the fabric. 1. The degree of fading after dyeing fabrics according to the specified requirements, including the original color change and white cloth staining; 2, the color difference caused by external friction. Therefore, at the time of production, the top of the red gold is checked at all levels. For those fake and inferior products, the density of the warp and weft, the color difference, the discoloration and other issues are not allowed. Because the hotel linen does not grasp the quality, it will cause poor durability in the washing process, especially the frequency of cleaning the hotel bedding is very high, the color fastness is not good, the fabric will appear dull and even faded, resulting in direct economic loss.


The above three points are the key, but the work and size of the hotel bedding are well known. The purchasing staff should clearly understand the work of each cloth and the size of the bed. Workmanship depends on the uniformity of the bedding fabric, the texture is delicate, the luster is smooth, the sewing is even and smooth, and the thread is not threaded. Know the size of your hotel bed and purchase the hotel bedding of the corresponding size.


The CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Hotel linen adds to the beauty and warmth of the hotel's guest room area, making every guest impressed and creating a repeat customer!


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