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- Nov 16, 2018-

The fabric is basically made of fibers that have been woven into yarn and then woven into a fabric.

First, fiber

Fiber concept

Fiber is a natural or synthetic filament that is more than a thousand times longer than the diameter and has a certain flexibility.

Shaped matter. Red Golden Top specializes in producing a large number of high-quality fiber for hotel linen.

Classification of fibers

natural fiber

Natural fibers are fibers obtained directly from nature and are generally available in two forms:

1, plant fiber

For example: cotton, hemp, etc.

2, animal fiber

Such as wool, silk, etc.

synthetic fiber

Synthetic fibers are fibers obtained by chemical processing, injection and spinning, such as acrylic, polyester,

Nylon and so on.

Discrimination of fiber quality

The thickness and length of the fiber are important factors in determining the feel of the fabric.

The coarse fiber fabric has a hard, strong, thick hand and is pressure resistant. The shorter the fiber, the rougher the fabric and the easier it is.


The fine fibers give the fabric a soft, thin feel. The longer the fiber, the smoother and smoother the yarn, and the less the hairball.


Second, the yarn

yarn support

The yarn count is the most basic unit of the finished fabric. The number of the yarn count is inversely proportional to its thickness.

Fine, and the corresponding quality requirements for raw materials (cotton) are also higher. yarn fineness representation

Yarn is generally expressed in terms of its fineness.

A few British yarns can be simply read as "a few yarns" and the unit is indicated by "S".


yarn fineness discrimination

The larger the number in front of S, the thinner the yarn, and the lighter, thinner and softer the woven fabric. The number is more

Smaller means that the thicker the yarn, the heavier, thicker and rougher the fabric is woven.

For example, bedding yarns are generally divided into 21, 30, and 40 according to their thickness.

See 80.


Density concept

Density is the number of yarns per unit length, generally the number of yarns within 1 inch or 10 cm. The national standard stipulates the density of yarns within 10 cm, but some textile companies still use it. The number of yarns within 1 inch indicates the density. Red Golden Top Hotel linens produce hotel linen in strict accordance with international standards. 

Third, the classification of hotel fabrics

Woven fabric: A fabric that is interlaced on a loom according to a certain rule by yarns that are vertically aligned with each other, that is, two systems, transverse and longitudinal.

For example, quilt cover, bed sheets and tablecloth fabrics in hotel linen are mostly woven fabrics.


Non-woven fabric: The loose fibers are bonded or stitched. At present, two methods of bonding and puncture are mainly used.

Such as some laundry bags in hotel linen, disposable slippers are non-woven fabrics


Pure woven fabric: The same kind of fiber is used as the raw material constituting the fabric, and there are cotton fabric, wool fabric, silk fabric, polyester fabric and the like.

Such as quilt cover, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc. in hotel linen are basically pure cotton fabric, also called cotton fabric.


Blended fabric: The material constituting the fabric is made of two or more different types of fibers and blended into yarns. For example, some quilts in the hotel linen, sheets and pillowcases are blended fabrics such as polyester and cotton.


Interwoven fabric: The raw materials of the two-direction system constituting the fabric are respectively made of different fiber yarns.

For example, most bed skirt fabrics and bed mat fabrics in hotel linen are interwoven fabrics.

The above is the basic knowledge of hotel linens brought to you by Red Golden Top. Now, do you have a clearer direction for the purchase of hotel linen? Red Golden Top Hotel linen is still your best choice!


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