See How Craftsmen “paint” Hotel Linen Bedding Sets,including Pillow Case,duvet Cover,bed Sheet And So On?

- Nov 20, 2018-

With the gradual development of the hotel industry, the weaving of hotel bedding has been like a “tornado” in the entire hotel linen industry, expanding from a handful of former manufacturers to hundreds of large and small productions. As the first manufacturer of hotel linens, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has gradually grown into a professional hotel linen manufacturer with mature technology and industrial system, focusing on creating a comfortable guest room experience.

At the same time as the whole industry is flourishing, along with the improvement of people's living standards and the change of consumption concept, the linen grade of hotels has gradually increased. Therefore, the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel bedding needs to undergo many renovations and innovations in the process, in order to keep up with the rapidly developing hotel industry, seize the opportunity and seize market opportunities in time.

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CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has an elite team with expertise in linen craftsmanship. Every product is ingenious. Let us listen to the hotel bedding in the eyes of craftsmen:


Satin: It is a kind of pure cotton. It has a certain difference from ordinary cotton fabrics. The form of weaving is different. The warp and weft yarns are staggered at least three times apart, so the satin weave makes the fabric denser and the fabric more plentiful. Its characteristics are: thick, smooth surface, fine, soft hand, bright color, good elasticity, tight texture, not easy to deform. Therefore, satin tissue products cost more than similar plain and twill weave products.

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Jacquard: As early as the ancient Silk Road, Chinese silk is famous for its jacquard weaving. Jacquard is a embossed pattern of textiles interlaced by warp and weft. Jacquard fabric is a major category in the textile category. Jacquard fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, from casual clothing, sportswear and suits to hotel bedding. Jacquard is a new fabric that combines comfort, modernity and artistic sense. The attractive charm attracts people's eyes.

For this reason, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd also has a special jacquard machine to weave the pattern of warp and weft, which is inseparable from the craftsman's careful design.

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At present, most hotels tend to purchase the above two CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd for your choice of fabrics to make hotel bedding. If you have other special fabrics, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd can provide you with a variety of purchasing options.

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd will introduce new craft products for everyone in each issue, and look forward to your purchase!


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