Pillow Cover Purchase

- Aug 14, 2018-

First, look: Look at the surface of the cushion cover whether there is color difference, wrinkles, whether the flower case of the cushion cover is clear and the color is uniform.

Second, touch: After reading it, you can touch the pad cover by hand to feel whether its texture is good, and whether the thickness of the pad cover is consistent.

Third, the smell: This is very important, if the cushion has an odor, it is likely that formaldehyde, vinyl chloride and other volatile substances are higher.

4. Wipe: You can cut a piece of a cushion cover and wipe the cushion cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

How to choose the color of the product

Light-colored sofas should use elegant floral fabrics such as light pink and pink green. For dark-toned furniture, dark green and dark blue are the best choices.

Cotton, cotton and rayon can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillowcase material is pure cotton fabric, which is breathable and hygroscopic and does not irritate the skin. Modern people also like to use silk pillowcases, also known as silk pillowcases. Silk is a good thing, and has many reputations such as fiber queen and soft gold. More than 97% of silk is composed of animal protein, which is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body. Silk is said to be able to clean and maintain skin and increase skin cell vitality. In particular, it is effective for sensitive skin, delicate skin of infants and the skin of the elderly. This silk pillow is introduced to avoid silk silkiness and ensure the elasticity of the pillow. It also adds high elasticity cloud silk, which is specially breathable, moisture permeable and cool. Slip, fit and other properties, to give you a refreshing and smooth natural super feeling, to ensure that the stretch is durable and durable. With natural silk pillowcases, your delicate skin will undoubtedly be more carefully cared for.