New Face Towel Features And Effects

- Aug 14, 2018-

Take bamboo fiber face towel as an example (the new fiber is different):


1. It is more comfortable, softer and silky than the cotton face towel.

2, brighter than the ordinary face towel, lasting.

3, unique natural antibacterial function, is the first choice for baby and female beauty products.

4, the amount of water absorption is 1.5 times that of cotton face towel, good air permeability and easy to clean.

5, no knot, no hard, no stick slip phenomenon.

6, pure natural, green and environmentally friendly, is an ideal replacement for cotton face towels.


1. Soft and smooth, like silk satin

Bamboo fiber face towel has fine unit fineness and soft hand feeling; good whiteness and bright color; strong toughness and wear resistance, unique resilience; strong longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, good drape; soft Sleek and not tied, softer than cotton, with a unique velvet feel.

2. Cool and comfortable, real air conditioning fiber

The cross section of the bamboo fiber is covered with large and small oval pores, which can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water in an instant. The bamboo fiber absorbs three times as much as the cotton fiber. The height of the natural cross-section is hollow, which makes the industry experts call the bamboo fiber a "breathable" fiber, also known as the "fiber queen." The hygroscopicity, moisture release and breathability of bamboo fiber are the first of all major textile fibers. The bamboo fiber face towel is used in summer and autumn. It makes people feel particularly cool and breathable. It is fluffy and comfortable in winter and spring, and can eliminate excess heat in the body. Moisture, do not get angry, do not dry. The winter warmth and cool summer function of bamboo fiber spun towel is also incomparable with other fibers.

3. Antibacterial and antibacterial, sterilization rate 75%

The same number of bacteria were observed under a microscope, and the bacteria were able to multiply in cotton and wood fiber products, and the bacteria on the bamboo fiber products were killed by about 75% after 24 hours. The Japanese's new findings have added value to this achievement, which was confirmed by the National Cotton Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Shanghai Institute of Microbiology. This also provides a choice of protective clothing for SARS prevention, which is unmatched by other textile materials (the cotton noodles will smell in the summer is the result of thousands of times the bacteria multiply).

4. Green, UV resistant

Bamboo fiber is a green material that has been refined from the original bamboo. It has the natural anti-mite, deodorant, insect-proof and negative ion properties of bamboo, and can effectively block the radiation of ultraviolet rays on the human body without any irritation to the skin. The ultraviolet transmittance of bamboo fiber is six ten thousandths, the ultraviolet transmittance of cotton is 2,000 parts per thousand, and the ultraviolet resistance of bamboo fiber is 417 times that of cotton.