How To Identify Hotel Linen Bedding Set Cotton Fabric

- Dec 03, 2018-

The common bedding products in the hotel are made of pure cotton, polyester cotton, silk, etc. Different fabrics have their own characteristics, and the prices are very different.

In recent years, hotel hotel cotton kits are favored by the majority of travelers, cotton hotel linen can bring great comfort to consumers, consumers often care about whether it is 100% cotton when purchasing linen kits. made.

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is a well-known brand hotel linen manufacturer in China, and has been awarded the best supplier of hotel linen for many years. Can provide consumers with 100% cotton material bedding, bathroom linen and other hotel textiles, so that the majority of customers can buy with confidence, peace of mind.

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Hotel bedding is generally made of pure cotton fabric, because cotton fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene, etc. The color is natural and soft, and the warmth effect is good. It is the fabric of choice for making high-end hotel bedding. But today's adulteration is getting more and more serious, and there are more and more imitation cotton fabrics in hotels.

With the improvement of the textile process, it has reached a level that is difficult for most customers to identify.

CANWIN has been engaged in the hotel linen production industry for many years, and will regularly send samples of the products to the statutory testing center for annual inspection, so that customers who purchase our products can be guaranteed. And many years of practical experience in production, let us also summed up a few small ways to teach hotel linen buyers how to identify cotton fabrics!

1. Identification by combustion method. Take a bunch of yarn and burn it with fire. The smell of pure cotton fiber is like burning hair. The smell of chemical fiber fabric is like burning plastic. The harder the particles after burning, the more chemical fiber components are present.

2.Look at flexibility. Tighten the object by hand and then let go immediately to see the fabric elasticity. The cotton fabric has a high rebound rate and can be quickly restored to its original state, while the blended or chemical fiber products have poor wrinkle resistance, and most of them have obvious wrinkles or slow recovery.

3.Feeling. Cotton fabrics are usually smooth and smooth, and long-haired fabrics are smooth and smooth, and have a tingling sensation on the hair. Blended or purified fiber, some are not soft, some are too soft and loose, and have a sticky feeling.

4.Single root identification. The hair of all animals is scaly under the microscope. If it is a long-wool fabric, it will move up or down as long as a picture is taken. (To master this technique, you can take a hair first. Test), if it is ordinary fabric, take a yarn, cut 2 cm of two pieces into one fiber and put it in the palm of your hand to see if they will move.

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Carefully observe the hotel bedding made of red gold-topped cotton fabric, the color of the product is natural and soft, bright and without old feeling. Compared with the blended or purified fiber fabrics that are seen on weekdays, or the darkness of the gloss or the sense of flashing color, the two covers are not comparable.

Jiangsu Hongjinding Weaving Co., Ltd. has a production plant with a complete design and design process. It can be customized according to customer needs, and custom bedding for room bedding. The company's cotton comes from our cotton base in Xinjiang, ensuring high-end quality supply of first-hand.

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