Hotel Room Linen Specifications And Requirements

- Nov 23, 2018-

First, the classification of room linen

(1) Bedding

1. Types of bedding: quilt cover, pillowcase, pillow core, protective pad, comfort pad, bed skirt, core, bed sheet, bed towel

2.the size of the bed linen: according to the size of the bed to order the size of the cloth

3. hotel room type specifications: single room, double room, suite

4.the specification of the hotel bed (length X width): 2mX1.2m, 2mX1.5m, 2mX1.8m, 2mX2m


CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd for everyone's advice: general quilt cover, bed sheets, protective mats, bed skirts, bed mats, etc. are divided into large, medium and small specifications. For example, the size of the quilt cover can block the mattress and part of the bed frame after being placed in the quilt. There is a gap between the mattress and the bed frame, and if the quilt does not block the gap, it will affect the visual effect of the bed. Therefore, when ordering the size of the cloth, the sheets are generally 80 cm wider than the bed.

(2) Room towels

1. According to the different textile forms, it is divided into: comprehensive plain weave, cut pile, spiral velvet, jacquard

2.according to the purpose, that is, it usually said five towels: bath towel, square towel, towel, towel, good night towel

3. the impact of room towels on the quality of service: hotel towels are the most used items in the accommodation process, the quality of hotel towels directly affects the quality of the hotel's clothing, it is recommended to use the CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd Xinjiang cotton production towel.

Common phenomenon: there are holes, many flakes on the edges, dirty surfaces, etc.

Impact consequences: the hotel reputation is poor, guests will quietly leave you.


Second, the requirements of hotel linen specifications

1. Selection of bed linen size: The specification of the hotel bed shown in the table is 2.1M long, 2.2M wide, 1.37 wide, 2.1M long, 1.1M wide, and 2M long.

Therefore, quilt cover, quilt, bed sheets, protective pads, and bed skirts all have three specifications.

2. Analysis of yarn fineness

The cotton quilt cover is made of 100% cotton, 60 warp and weft yarns, and warp and weft 300. The CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd sells this fabric, and the quality of such fabrics is very good.

3. the quality analysis of the duvet - the amount of cashmere

The duvet is mainly divided into duck down duvets and goose down duvets, and the price of goose down duvets is higher. If the down is 100%, it is basically fake. In the formal enterprise, the down needs to be sorted, and usually brings about 10% of the fluff. If it is fine, the fleece can be controlled at 5%. If you want to achieve 100% of the amount of cashmere, then you need to manually select, the cost will increase. The higher the content of down, the lighter the weight, the more suitable for the elderly and children. The choice of hotel duvets is basically between 70% and 90%.

CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd can be customized according to customer needs for the down type of duvet with special requirements.


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