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- Nov 09, 2018-

The rapid development of the tourism industry has made the hotel industry more and more large. The hotels in the country have become temporary stations for travel, business trips and other people. In order to improve the quality of hospitality or the quality of sleep, star hotels are their ultimate choice. Starwood, Intercontinental, Hilton, Kempinski and other star-rated hotel groups, in addition to hotel building equipment, hotel size, service quality, management level, etc. beyond the ordinary hotels, in fact, the comfortable star hotel linen configuration is their reputation The key to the world.


Nanton( Jiangsu, China) hotel linen manufacturer Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd, independent production of hotel room linen, hotel bathroom linen, hotel decoration linen, is the source of hotel linen products, hotel linen fabric wholesale collection, let visitors to buy one-stop shopping , can be customized according to customer needs. The above several star hotel groups, and their star-rated hotels, companies have cooperated with them.

Luxury Hotel Linen Fabric suppliers

The Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel linen manufacturers not only praised the hotel's linen products, but also the hotel bedding, hotel towels and towel grey fabrics. Only factory area , Canwin Weaving Co.,Ltd covers an area of 84 mu, including independent towel grey cloth weaving workshop and cloth grey cloth weaving workshop. Therefore, the hotel linen processing manufacturer has become the company's hotel linen fabric fabric customer.

Luxury Hotel Linen Fabric

Star hotel bedding is generally recommended to use pure cotton fabric, because cotton fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption, moisturizing, heat resistance, alkali resistance, hygiene, etc. The color is natural and soft, and the warmth effect is good. It is the fabric of choice for weaving high-end hotel bedding. More and more technology is becoming more and more developed. There are more and more fake textile materials on the market. With the improvement of textile technology, there is no professional skill to distinguish many buyers. The following small methods teach you how to identify cotton fabric!


◇ feel: hotel linen cotton fabric is usually smooth, long-haired fabric smooth hair feels smooth, reverse hair has a tingling sensation. Blended or purified fiber, some are not soft, some are too soft and loose, and have a sticky feeling. In contrast, blended or purified fabrics have a darker luster and a sparkle.

◇ Elasticity: Tighten the object by hand, then release it immediately to see the elasticity of the fabric. The cotton fabric has a high rebound rate and can be quickly restored to its original state, while the blended or chemical fiber products have poor wrinkle resistance, and most of them have obvious wrinkles or slow recovery.

◇ Burning identification: Take a bundle of yarn and burn it with fire. The smell of pure cotton fiber is like burning hair. The smell of chemical fiber fabric is like burning plastic. The harder the particles after burning, the more chemical fiber components.

◇ Sound identification: The fiber of pure cotton material is rough. The fabric trader usually cuts a small opening on the fabric after the fabric is measured, tears the fabric apart, and when you tear the fabric, you should carefully observe and listen to the sound and see the tearing. When you use a lot of force, the cotton is usually not too easy to tear, and the sound you hear is not as smooth as many chemical fibers.

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