Hotel Linen Including Hotel Bedding Set,duvet Cover,pillow Case Is Easy To Break? Just Ignore This Step!

- Nov 19, 2018-

Every hotel knows that the hotel linen has a certain life expectancy. In addition to the normal washing of the cotton fabric in the hotel laundry room, we must also maintain and maintain the cotton fabric. However, everyone ignores the most important point, we are When purchasing initially, it is quite important to choose a good hotel linen, which not only can bring high-quality guest room experience to the tenants, but also prolong the service life of the linen and reduce its reporting loss rate. The hotel room department is often annoyed, why did the cloth that was just bought have different degrees of damage?

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The damage we most often encounter is as follows:

Cotton: Broken small holes, edges and corners are broken, the edges are peeled off, thin and easy to break, the color becomes turbid, and the softness of the towel is reduced.

Blended: the color becomes turbid, the cotton partially falls off, loses its elasticity, the edges and corners rupture, and the hem breaks off.


When encountering these holes or cracking corners, we should consider changing the cloth, and when the replacement cycle is too frequent, we should consider the cause: the washing time of cotton fabric is about: cotton sheets and pillowcases, 130~150 Times; blended (65% polyester, 35% cotton), 180~220 times; towels, 100~110 times; tablecloths, mouth cloth, 120~130 times.


If the hotel linen you are using has not been damaged by these washing methods, then consider whether you need to replace a better hotel linen supplier, which will reduce your purchase linen cycle. Seeking a quality guarantee!

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CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd can be said to be one of the best quality hotel linen suppliers in China. Its advantage lies in its high quality and low price, and it is made of Xinjiang cotton. It can be described as a boutique in the linen industry. Red Golden Top Hotel linen, the best choice for hotel linen!

The damage caused by the linen is mainly summarized as the three main causes: 

1、Damage caused by washing (the feeding time is wrong when washing; the improper use of bleach; the corrosive chemicals in the cloth; the wrong mix of washing products)

2、 Machine and Damage caused by man-made; 

3、 Buying good hotel linen

Frequently paying attention to these problems, finding out the crux of the problem, and taking solutions will make the life of the cloth unexpectedly prolonged. Can make the hotel performance to a higher level!

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