Hotel Linen, Hotel Bedding Sets, Hotel Sheet, Hotel Pillow Cover, Hotel Duvet Cover,hotel Towels, And So On, Also Need To Defend Rights?

- Nov 14, 2018-

As far as the current situation of China's hotel service industry market is concerned, due to the low barriers to entry, the lack of franchise management, and the inconsistent standards of infringement, hotel brands are often more difficult to defend their rights than FMCG. As hotel linen is one of the core factors influencing a hotel, is it also necessary to apply for rights protection? Is it only by adding LOGO to the product image to maintain legal rights?

hotel pillow cover

(The picture is taken from the Canwin Weaving Co.Ltd hotel linen real shot)

On July 4th, 2017, Lu Siyun, the CEO of Platinum, the CEO of Xi'an, published a statement letter to “Hotels” in the circle of friends. In the statement, she established a short period of 2 years for the brand of Xi'an Hotel. The continually occurring hotel product was cloned and pointed out: "Don't waste time knocking on a wall, you can't turn it into a door. In this sentence, I sent it to the copycat of Xi'an: no matter how you imitate it, you can't do it. Xi'an."

Xi'an Hotel was established in 2014. Up to now, about 60 companies have opened and more than 200 stores have been signed. Different from the traditional mid-range hotel brands, Xi'an is more inclined to create a “light luxury fashion” brand, but faced with many creative ideas. Plagiarism, even more and more people spend a week to live in Xi'an, and then return to the product completely re-engraved, which of course also includes a series of linen textile products in hotel rooms.

hotel bedding sets

(Image selected from the hotel room in Xi'an)

If you choose Red Gold Top as your hotel linen supplier, we have a professional craft design team that will customize the unique room linen, hotel bedding package, hotel bathroom linen, etc., and promise to strictly follow the industry. The guidelines control all the production procedures and weaving processes of the linen distribution, and cut off the confidential information from the source of production!

In fact, small single hotels directly copy the design, large hotel groups copy ideas, "cottage" hotels emerge one after another, has been one of the phenomena in the industry, some economic chain hotels, mid-end hotels are plagiarized The hardest hit.

Canwn Weaving Co.,Ltd has cooperated with many large chain hotels in China for many times, not only because of the strict control of the quality of Canwin products, but also because of its emphasis on brand awareness. Committed to each custom-made hotel side, we must defend the rights of each partner!

In the face of many peers who plagiarized the Red Golden Top brand products, we also responded with a sentence in the general statement: "Branding, 'going skin' is easy, 'going to heart' is difficult. Brand definition, it is not just a pure stop In the dimension of products, what is more important is the value concept conveyed behind it. This part can't be imitated."

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