Hotel Linen Bedding Sheets Set Manufacturers Analyze Which Satin Fabrics And Jacquard Fabrics Are More Washable?

- Dec 05, 2018-

In the past, there has been a saying in the hotel industry that satin fabrics are more washable than jacquard fabrics, because such a statement that many hotels clearly know that satin fabrics have been eliminated and are still adding satin products. Which of the satin and jacquard fabrics is more washable? This is a complicated issue. CANWIN Weaving CO.,Ltd has specialized in the production and sales of hotel linen for 20 years. Based on years of experience in product production and sales and feedback from many customers, the following experiences have been summarized:

bed sheet

The satin strip is a stripe pattern formed by alternating the front and back of the satin weave, and the jacquard fabric is patterned on the satin fabric. The texture of the proposed pattern is a complex jacquard structure, and the pattern of the jacquard structure is many. The flower pattern is large or small, and the proportion of the jacquard part in the entire cloth surface is large or small. If the "feather flower" pattern is selected, the proportion of the flower pattern accounts for a small proportion of the entire cloth surface, and the feather flower and the feather flower are small. The space between the vacant area is large, the empty part is the satin weave structure with high density of warp and weft, which is soft and washable, and the intersection of the satin strip and the satin strip of the satin strip fabric is actually the boundary line of the flower edge. The dividing line is actually covered with the entire fabric, so the jacquard fabric of the feather flower pattern is far more washable than the satin fabric, and the fabrics like the water ripples and the long wall are more washable than the satin fabric. 

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In the hotel room supplies, the wash ability of pillowcases, duvet covers and bed sheets is also different:

The pillowcase is the dirtiest, the most difficult to wash, and the washing strength is the biggest. Because 90% of people are now oily hair and simmering oil, the style of the pillowcase is usually reversed, so it cannot be used in the opposite direction.

Sheets are relatively dirty and difficult to wash, especially for stubborn liquid stains that are difficult to clean and the washing strength to be followed. Because sheets are most often exposed to liquid stains.

Quilt covers are the least susceptible to dirt and are the easiest to wash, with minimal washing power. Because the quilt cover is covered on the body, and our commonly used styles are flush with the front and back, the quilt cover can be used in both forward and reverse directions. If it is a side opening, the quilt cover can also be used interchangeably.

Therefore, the hotel generally uses satin fabric as the bed sheet, because the sheets are laid under the quilt, so it is indifferent whether there is a flower pattern. The satin fabric has good washing durability, hand feeling and comfort, and is lustrous. Washing and comfort are the most important for bed sheets. The quilt cover is laid on the bed, and guests can see it as soon as they enter the room. Therefore, jacquard fabrics are generally used, and the jacquard quilt cover with rich patterns plays an important role in improving the grade of the guest room and increasing the warmth of the guest room. The fabric of the pillowcase must be matched with the quilt cover, so jacquard fabric must also be used. Because the pillowcase is the most washing strength and frequency, and the damage is the most serious, it is generally solved by increasing the proportion of the pillowcase.

When the regular washing company washes, the quilt cover, pillowcase and bed sheets are washed separately because the intensity and time of washing are different.


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