Choose Hotel Linen Bedding Sets Brand To Be Cautious

- Nov 28, 2018-

Now the hotel is very concerned about whether the hotel linen is qualified, how is the customer experience, how to choose the most comfortable hotel room supplies from a professional perspective? Jiangsu Hongjinding Weaving Co.,Ltd provides one-stop hotel linen custom procurement for the hotel, with the following suggestions:

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Second, in terms of the quality of hotel fabrics, most of the hotel room linens are made of cotton fabrics. The characteristics of cotton are sweat absorption, softness and comfort. Currently, the jacquard and satin products are popular, 60*40, 60*60 It is a high-density and high-density fabric with moderate price, soft fabric, comfortable and durable. It is the first choice for four-star and five-star hotels. The hotel bedding fabrics produced by Red Golden Top have always been favored by customers in the hotel industry. Our manufacturing process is exquisite and the color is complete, and we do our best to meet the needs of each customer for our special products.

In the four-piece bedding set, the quilt cover and the pillowcase are double-layer fabrics. It is difficult to identify whether there is any quality problem. The easiest way is to look at the sheets. The textile grain can be seen against the light. If the structure is clear, the textile hole can be seen, and the density of the cotton thread is uniform. If you can't see the textile hole, you may have more sizing. Although it feels thick and touched hard, it will not feel so thick when wet, and the cloth is soft and easy to wrinkle. It is not recommended.

Focus on the feel and workmanship. Good bedding cloth, more texture, soft texture, thick, comfortable to touch, skin-friendly is better. A skin-friendly bedding will be more comfortable and comfortable when used.

Choose long-term cooperation and after sales service. The choice of hotel linen is not a purchase, it is the establishment of long-term cooperation. After-sales and follow-up delivery are very important for the hotel to ensure the uniformity of the hotel's linen.

After years of industry precipitation and accumulation,CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd can provide long-term stable hotel linen custom products and a perfect after-sales service system. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd reminds all hotel linen procurement specialists and hoteliers to pay attention to the following points:

(1) Pseudo-inferior products have long cable traces, obvious pinholes, and uneven stitches. When purchasing, pay attention to the details and do not ignore the details.

(2) If you can't see the textile hole, you may have more sizing. Although it feels thick and touched hard, this kind of water will not feel so thick, and the cloth is soft and easy to wrinkle. It is not recommended.

(3) The procurement channel of hotel linen is also very important.

Choose a large hotel linen manufacturer like CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd.Our products can greatly improve the comfort of our hotel rooms. Our brand is worthy of customers' trust.


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