CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Teaches You How To Choose A Hotel Room Linen, Hotel Bedding Sets, Hotel Sheet, Hotel Pillow Cover, Hotel Duvet Cover?

- Nov 13, 2018-

Jiangsu Hongjinding Weaving Co., Ltd. has hundreds of highly efficient and sophisticated textile equipment, and has gathered many high-end management talents, hotel linen designers and technical elites with rich production experience. With the gradual increase of production over time, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has successfully signed with hundreds of star-rated hotels across the country and has been unanimously recognized by customers. On this basis, it also complies with the national OEKO-TEX100,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,OHSAS18001 certification system, thus ensuring the quality of the manufactured products to the utmost extent. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is the leading brand of hotel room linen, helping you to recommend some small tricks in choosing hotel room linen:

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First, the choice of hotel room linen fabric.Nowadays most hotel rooms linen will choose cotton fabric, which is sweat absorption, soft and comfortable.Generally speaking, high support is the premise of high density, but do not completely think of the higher the number, the better.The more the number of the cloth, the thicker the fabric. The fabric above 40S is even a high-density and high-density fabric. The fabrics used in the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd are generally 40S and 60S. With the improvement of the hotel star rating, 80S fabrics are sometimes used. Hotel bedding in CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd cotton fabric is the leader in the hotel room linen.

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Second, the hotel room linen’s touch and color choice.Good cloth’s texture is especially important .CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd hotel room linen has soft, skin-friendly, thick, to give the experience a kind of enjoyment.CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has always respected the white linen-based hotel linen, white gives a clean and tidy visual sense, in fact, there is an important reason, the red gold top hotel linen is pure cotton, and the cotton is white It represents natural health and environmental protection! But according to the needs of customers, CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd will be equipped with a set of hotel bedding that matches the hotel style and hotel furniture.

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Third, choose long-term cooperation and quality after-sales service hotel room linen. Hotel linen selection is not just a purchase, it is the establishment of long-term cooperation. After-sales and follow-up delivery are very important for the hotel to ensure the uniformity of the hotel's linen. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd promises in after-sales service: 1. Relying on the national terminal sales network, timely provide product quality consulting services; 2, product delivery, regular return visits to solve some temporary problems in use; such as encountering product quality in use The problem is that the person will arrive at the scene within 48 hours to solve the problem; 3. Provide professional washing consultation or recommend professional washing program; 4. If there is any agreement between the two parties, customer satisfaction is our aim.


CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd provides the hotel linen buyers with a way to expand their choice of hotel room linen, and at the same time promise to the customers that the quality of the red gold top products is absolutely guaranteed, and the red gold top insists on “keeping each way” Process, do a good job in the production concept of each product, welcome everyone's supervision and inspection.


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