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- Nov 26, 2018-

At present, in the era of increasing tourism growth and the rise of various accommodation industries, the procurement management of hotel linen plays a key role in the smooth operation of the hotel. CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd professionally produced hotel linen for more than 20 years and experienced the changes of the times and new developments. In the process of cooperation with major hotels, sum up some experiences and talk about how star hotels can choose good value for money.



The selected linen products must match the overall style of the hotel. Boutique hotel chains and express hotels emphasize the fast pace of the city. The whole room layout emphasizes the simple and black-and-white style of the room; the parent-child resort emphasizes the space, a little bright color matching, and brightens the warmth of the room; the theme hotel focuses on the cultural theme and features local flavor. For example, the Bali resort area emphasizes island style, beach, sun, coast, palm trees, coconut trees, and banana trees. In the hotel room linen selection, the palm leaves are used as the bedside pillow, the twill green strip pattern bed towel and the cushion decoration. The lush greenery reflects the casual and cozy island resort style.

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The linen on the hotel bed must choose cotton fabric. The cotton cloth absorbs sweat and is soft, which is beneficial to the sweat gland "breathing" and human health, and the soft touch is very easy to create a sleeping atmosphere. In addition to the selection of materials should be particularly particular, the choice of color and pattern should also be worked out. The small bedroom space should be decorated with natural and imaginative striped cloth, which will extend the bedroom space. Light-colored furniture should be decorated with light pink, pink and other elegant floral fabric pillows. For dark-toned furniture, dark green and blue color decorations are excellent choices.

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Decorate the fabric of the hotel lobby to choose gorgeous fabrics. The hotel rooms should be decorated with smooth and soft fabrics. The decorative kitchen can choose strong and easy-to-wash fabrics. When choosing the texture, it should be consistent with the functions of the linen accessories.



The laid linen products such as carpets, tablecloths, bedspreads, etc. should be in harmony with the size of the interior floor and furniture, and the stability of the floor and bed surface should be maintained. The ground is mostly darker in color. The tablecloth and the bed cover should reflect the contrast with the size and color of the ground. It should be lower than the color and brightness of the ground to achieve harmony in the contrast.


The choice of hotel linen suppliers is the key. There are hundreds of hotel linen suppliers in China. For large-scale hotels, manufacturers can be directly selected for procurement. Manufacturers’ mastery is better than trading companies or Intermediaries must be professional. Hotel linen procurement suppliers can choose from a wide range of well-known suppliers.

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For the specifications required for hotel linen, you can ask the supplier to do the following for the sheets, towels and other samples provided:

1. Measure each item and weigh it;

2. Washing, drying and/or ironing 20 times;

3. Each wash interval is 24 hours;

4. For every 5 washes, measure and weigh again.

For the final decision to purchase, consider:

Shrinkage, texture, product feel, style, weight reduction, fiber ball point, appearance

After completing the above work, record the data, and stipulate the corresponding quality standards in the contract, so that the supplier knows the quality requirements of the hotel's linen, in order to meet the specifications when supplying, and also achieve the purpose of sunshine procurement.

CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Professional Hotel linen supplier has 20 years of experience in the five-star hotel linen offer, procurement, after-sales service. The hotel's procurement management of linen should not only value the price, but also its importance to achieve the ultimate goal of hotel profitability.

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