CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd Hotel TowelGrowth,which Includes Face Towel,Hand Towel,Bath Towel,Mat Toweland So On.

- Nov 30, 2018-

“Three-point sweat, seven-point hard work” CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd has developed from a single sales in the past 20 years to the current national distribution sales, accumulating resources and experience everywhere, and corporate revenues have gradually increased. With its unique advantages of Xinjiang's 10,000 mu cotton fields and independent production weaving workshops, the company is a big step ahead of its peers. The production weaving area includes: towel weaving factory, fabric gray cloth weaving factory, finished product production factory, down product production workshop, etc. More than 200 sets of weaving equipment are continuously running to complete large-scale operations.

Let us take you to the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd towel weaving factory:

In the hotel linen market, the style of towel fabrics is getting higher and higher, but as the saying goes, "See the tricks and tricks"CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd can efficiently complete the "difficulties" thrown out by customers, of course, we can not do without our "big hero" - towel looms, this is to test whether the performance of the towel loom is wide enough. The CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd towel looms can not only weave ordinary terry fabrics, but also weave high-grade terry fabrics, that is, to develop in the direction of high-density, high-density, high-low terry.

Face towel

Tissues are generally divided into: bath towels, face towels, square towels, floor towels, floor mats, bathrobes; according to the weaving process: flat weave, jacquard, satin, satin jacquard, cut pile and so on.

Plain weave

But literally understand that plain weave is that there is no pattern or logo on the surface of the towel. To make a hotel name or logo on a plain weave towel, you can only embroider or print on the towel. The advantage of plain weave towel is Faster delivery, shorter production cycle and relatively cheaper price. If you need it urgently, the plain weaving currency is an ideal choice.

Hand towel


In the process of towel weaving, the digital pattern is printed by computer, and the required pattern, text or logo is woven on the towel. The part of the jacquard has a concave and convex feeling, which is more grade! This jacquard is more suitable for higher-end hotel sauna clubs. There is another jacquard process called “dyed jacquard”, which means that the logo or pattern on the towel can be distinguished by different colors, and the color is clear and vivid. The jacquard part has no unevenness, but the color of the front and back of the towel is exactly the opposite. This kind of process generally requires a large number, which is more suitable for high-end gifts.

Hand towel price


That is, at the two ends of the towel, the loop portion of the flat cloth portion is woven with a horizontal strip of satin-like flowers, or a wide satin edge is woven at one end, and the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd is generally called "platinum satin" flower. The portion may be formed by a long floating line or a long floating line. It can embroider relatively clear patterns and logos in the cross section. This technique is more suitable for star-rated hotels or high-end gifts.

Face towel price

In the later stage of the CANWIN Weaving Co.,Ltd, the weaving process will be optimized to a large extent, and the quality of the products will be strictly controlled at all times.


Company Name: Canwin Weaving Co., Ltd.( Jiangsu Hong Jinding as Chinese phonetic name)


Address: Canwin Textile Garden, 6 Qi Si Xian,Tongzhou Qu, Nanton( Jiangsu,China) Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China


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