Towel maintenance knowledge

- Aug 14, 2018-

Good towel, we also know how to maintain, not good maintenance, the life of the towel will be shortened, the following is some maintenance knowledge for your reference

1, wash with cold water

Especially in the winter, it must be washed with cold water, the towel is cotton, and the hot water will destroy its internal structure, thus reducing its life.

2, after the dirty, wash with a small alkaline soap, but do not use it often, wash it with water before each use, it should not be dirty where to go, wash thoroughly in a week

3, after each use, make sure that the towel is soaked in clean water, put it into the wash bag, and rush it before the next use. Remember: don't let it dry, otherwise it will break like a piece of paper. Up

The floor towel is a floor covering fabric in which tuft or loop pile is formed on the base fabric by cotton or chemical fiber. The texture is thick and compact, and the elasticity is good. It has the functions of anti-slip, water absorption, warmth, vacuum and decoration. The towel is divided into single-faced velvet towel (front suede, reverse flat or front terry, reverse flat cloth), double-faced velvet towel (front terry, reverse plush or front plush, reverse terry), circle The velvet towel (the reverse flat cloth, the front is a circle, the velvet cross is co-planted). The bottom surface of the single-faced velvet (ring) towel is treated by a glue spray process (mainly used for wet bathrooms). The floor towel is mainly used in bathrooms and washrooms. It is non-slip and double-decorated. It is also used for the laying of the floor in front of the bed.