Slippers are generally worn indoors

- Aug 14, 2018-

Slippers, the last half of the shoes without the upper, usually worn indoors. Usually refers to the three protrusions that are parallel to the sole of the foot, or the approximate plane of the inner surface of the sole, and are coplanar with the extension of the calf axis, without hurting the shoes and feet. Shoes that can separate shoes from their feet, slippers have been widely used in people's daily lives.

The popular saying is that slippers originated in the Meiji era in Japan. In fact, slippers originated in India earlier. In the Southern Song Dynasty, officials from Guangxi, who went to Guangxi, went to Zhou to record the two kinds of leather slippers worn by local people: one is the bottom of the skin, and there is a small column with a long head with a bone in the middle, and the toes are clamped and walked. One type is placed on the bottom of the skin with a cross red skin, and walks with the foot penetrated. Also said that the shape of these leather slippers is exactly the same as that worn by Luo Han at the time. Zhou Feifei also described the red slippers worn by the people of southern India, the same as those worn by Luo Han.

Slippers are a kind of shoes, followed by a full-empty, only the front of the toe, mostly flat, the material is often quite soft leather, plastic, cloth and so on. The types of slippers are differentiated depending on the occasion and performance. For example, beach slippers, not plastic, but plastic, this is to be waterproof, good cleaning, the toe type has also been specially designed, often referred to as flip-flops, which is what we call the herringbone drag. However, indoor slippers in winter, in order to keep warm, may use fluffy cloth instead of plastic, so that people have better enjoyment in the living room. There are also anti-static slippers commonly used in electronics factories and dust-free workshops.