Slipper selection method

- Aug 14, 2018-


The easiest way, a good slipper, has no pungent odor and no pungent scent.


Good slippers, fabric color, embroidered pattern, beautiful three-dimensional, strong embroidered lines, as well as observing the fabric used inside the slippers.

Slippers of good quality, no cut corners, the weight of the selected materials is relatively high, and the thickness of the filling sponge is relatively large. Naturally, it will be heavier than shoes of poor quality.


Slippers of good quality, folded by hand, will not appear white, and belong to authentic rubber raw materials. Not easy to break, good flexibility, no odor at the bottom. If it is folded over, the folded part of the sole will start to whitish immediately. After the original shape is restored, the folded place will change color and deform, which is naturally a bad bottom. Most of the raw materials used are waste crushed powder, which is then bleached to add flavor. This type of bottom is not long after two cleaning lives. When the weather is too cold, it is weathered into a broken shape.