Bath towels are one of the indispensable home textile products in home life

- Aug 14, 2018-

Bath towels are one of the indispensable home textile products in home life, but people tend to ignore their cleaning and maintenance because they look "small". Bath towels should be cleaned and dried frequently. Don't hang them casually.

You certainly don't think of bath towels, big or small. If you use a microscope to observe the tiny water droplets splashing from the toilet, you will find that they can splash a few meters high, so any bacteria in the bathroom may run. Your bath towel will go up, and our toothbrush may be in danger.

If you place the bath towels close to the toilet, it is best to transfer them to a safe place, at least 3 meters away from the toilet. You can also put the bath towels on the sun-lit balcony or window every day to "bath" the sun. . Especially in the days when the family has a cold or cough, in addition to the bath towel, all the bath towels should be fully soaked and washed with disinfectant.

Sensitive skin, dull complexion, and deteriorating skin condition are caused by small inflammation under the skin. At this time, you must pay special attention to the sanitary of the towel. The towel does not have to be too "luxury", but it must be replaced with new ones. The new one must be safer than the old one.

The hygiene of the bath towel can not be ignored. Many people think that the bath towel can be kept clean after simply washing it after the shower, but it is not. Most of the bathing towels are double-layered, which is easy to hide in the space between the inner liner and the surface, and is very difficult to remove.

Bath towels and bath towels are very dirty, because when you take a bath, the sludge and dander on your body are deeply hidden in the gap between the fibers of the bath towel due to external force. If you just wash it, you can't take a bath. Wash the towel clean. The best way is to keep the bath towel clean, hygienic and dry as much as possible. After use, let it dry in a well-ventilated or sunny place. The price of bathing towels is not high. If conditions permit, it should be guaranteed to change frequently.