Bath towel alternative use

- Aug 14, 2018-

1, used as a pajamas, both warm and convenient;

2, used as a leisure blanket, watching TV or taking a nap on the sofa at noon, can be used as a blanket cover, the thickness is just right;

3, can be used as a baby quilt, baby's special quilt, blanket is usually more expensive, the adult's quilt is too big and too heavy, with a bath towel when the baby's quilt size is appropriate, it will not be too heavy. The most important thing is that the bag is not easy to be kicked off. Even in the winter, you can wrap a layer of bath towel on your baby and cover it with a quilt.

4, can also be used as a gift to give a lover or friend, because everyone in the life will get a bath towel.

Bath towel maintenance

Good bath towels are intimate, thick and warm, flexible, and considerate. Choosing a good bath towel requires the housewife to have a pair of eye-catching eyes; use and maintain the bath towel, and ask the housewife to have some knowledge of the relevant knowledge.


Ethnic patterns: The pattern of bath towels is as rich as the beauty of nature. There are flat weaves, satin files, spirals, cut velvet, flawless, jacquard and other techniques, which can be woven into beautiful patterns. The pattern is clear and full, the level is obvious, the embossing is strong, the pile is soft and soft, and the touch is soft and comfortable.

Patterns with ethnic characteristics are not only popular in the fashion industry, but also in the home accessories. In general, plain bath towels should not be dyed as much as possible during the production process, even if dyes are used, they should be environmentally friendly dyes without any additives.


Bath towels are not as thick as possible. Towels that are too heavy after wet water are slow to dry and are not easy to carry and frequently change. Therefore, the weight per square meter of bath towels is also a key factor in measuring its quality. Thick and light, it is the characteristic of the best bath towel, which can ensure the feel of the bath towel is fluffy and comfortable.

A thick, heavy, durable bath towel weighs about 500 grams per square meter, and a standard size bath towel weighs about 450 grams. The standard bath towel is light in weight and fast in drying speed, so it is suitable for carrying out.